If there has ever been an iconic piece of furniture, the Barcelona Couch / Daybed is certainly that. Designed by the legendary architect and the father of modern architecture Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, back in 1929, the couch was originally exhibited at the Barcelona Exposition. What is so astounding about this couch is that it looks as fresh and contemporary today, as it did 85 years ago, a testament to the genius of van der Rohe. This is not just furniture – it is a piece of art, a classic, and the epitome of modern design.

Today, the Barcelona Couch is produced by Knoll, the company that has been the only authorized manufacturer of van der Rohe’s Barcelona Collection of furniture in the world since 1953. Each collection piece bears van der Rohe’s signature which is embedded into the frame as the mark of authenticity. The company has a trademark protection for the Barcelona Collection of furniture.

Barcelona Couch cream color

The couch itself is a sophisticated timeless piece. It is made of leather, with a tufted seat resembling a mattress, and a simple neck pillow. It stands on tubular chrome legs attached to the African Kamin hardwood frame with transparent lacquer finish. The Barcelona Couch has leather panels crafted from a single hide, and is available with either black or laminated straps to go with the chosen colour of upholstery.

The Barcelona Couch is the perfect example of van den Rohe’s life philosophy – “Less is more”, and “God is in the details”.

Barcelona Couch

Barcelona Couch

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