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The philosophy which the guys at Bandit 9 follow allows them to break through conventional designs of motorcycles and create something which simply cannot be seen every day. This company focuses more on creating motorcycle art rather than just blasting a supply line with parts for their latest best seller. This is why all of their motorcycles are limited edition and are designed in a unique way. The model which we are going to check out now is called Bishop and it was based on the Honda SuperSport 125 cc. Join us as we break down the key features of this amazing piece of motorcycle art.

The making of the Bishop

The Bishop in the process of manufacturing

Bandit 9 prides itself in their way of approaching their challenges. They do not care about severe criticism when it comes to their designs and if you are looking to push the boundaries of whatever you are doing, you are not supposed to. This philosophy has helped them manufacture many great motorcycles, one of which is the Bishop. This motorcycle is entirely custom made. It features an appealing open design which exposes the powerful 90 cc or 125 cc engine. The custom unibody of this bike is made from high grade steel and its metallic appearance is contrasted by the wood burl panels on each side of the gas tank. The gas tank is decorated by a well designed cap.

Wood burl panels of the Bishop

The wood burl panels provide contrast for the mainly steel look of the bike

As for the seat, the amazing charcoal grey suede seat will offer you comfort while you ride and it also blends into the overall steel look of the bike. With its custom brakelights and sandcasted swingarm, Bandit 9 has hit another bulls-eye. A motorcycle which is this well-designed will surely pique the interest of many motorcycle aficionados but, sadly, not all of you will be able to ride one of these. The price is not the issue here as Bishop is not overly expensive considering the time and effort put into its making. The issue lies with the limited availability of the motorcycles which Bandit 9 make. There are 9 units currently available and if you are interested in the Bishop, then hurry up and pre-order one for yourself.

Rear part of the Bishop

The comfortable suede seat fits seamlessly into the steel unibody

The Bishop is a model out of its own time and is an exceptional piece of machinery which will allow you to experience the full joy of riding a motorcycle with style and grace. In case the Bishop is not your cup of tea, then feel free to check out what else Bandit 9 has in store but keep in mind that their bikes are limited edition and become unavailable very quickly. [via] watch video below

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