When ideas start pouring from your head, the best and easiest thing is to write them down. The only problem is that the pen and paper are considered outdated in this modern digital age. The guys at Wacom have solved this problem by giving you the Bamboo Spark, a smart-pen that converts your writings and doodles into digital images you can use on your computer/mobile device via Bluetooth or share online with the Bamboo Spark app and Wacom Cloud. They have also thrown in a handy casing called Smart folio that can hold your notes, mobile devices and of course the Bamboo Spark pen.

Bamboo Spark by Wacom

Save your notes at the press of a button

If you don’t have a Bluetooth ready device, don’t worry. The Bamboo Spark can store up to 100 pages for later use. Just press the button on the inside of the case, and your notes are saved. As soon as it gets a connection, the pages are automatically synced to the Bamboo Spark app and to Wacom Cloud. With a Wacom Cloud account you get all the tools and features needed to edit your pages even after they are saved on Bamboo Spark. Wacom Cloud lets you access your writings on different devices (iOS and Android) and review and revise them easily. The Bamboo Spark is also compatible with other Cloud services, like Evernote and Dropbox.

Bamboo Spark by Wacom

Easily share your notes through the Bamboo Spark app and Wacom Cloud

Bamboo Spark has one more very important feature: it can link up with peers through the Bamboo Paper app. This means that you can share your ideas and notes with colleagues or friends who also have the smart-pen and the app.

You can also choose between three types of  Smart folio casings: Smart folio with gadget pocket (a space to house your smartphone or additional paper), Smart folio with tablet sleeve and Smart folio with snap fit for iPad Air 2.

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Bamboo Spark by Wacom

Bamboo Spark has three models of Smart folio available

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