Balnarring Retreat | By Branch Studio Architects

The interesting thing about designing an interior is that it can be anything you can think of. In case of the Balnarring Retreat, the idea was that each wall and the entire space all together can be turned into a variety of functions in no time, from a private residence all the way to a knitting studio or a reading room.

Made by Branch Studio Architects in Balnarring, Australia, this small residence has a specific purpose. It was created as a getaway, a building for slow living. Instead of technology and new fancy features, this place celebrates craftsmanship. This means almost all components inside can be manually folded, opened and later closed, depending on different needs.

the exterior of Balnarring Retreat

Just like the interior, the exterior is also made from quality wood.

the interior of Balnarring Retreat

Inside, the Balnarring Retreat is minimalistic, with each wall having a different purpose.

The south wall is where the bed and desk are placed, folded, of course. This wall is also where the general storage is, together with some book shelves and the air conditioner. The east wall, on the other hand, features a large table, along with more storage space.

one wall of Balnarring Retreat

Wall with a bed and a hidden door that lead to the bathroom.

The west wall of the Balnarring Retreat is where the kitchen is. Also, it serves as the main workspace and has a hidden door that leads to the bathroom. Finally, the north wall is almost like a day bed, an area for sitting. From this area, residents can enjoy the outside view of the pond with ducks living in it. The clever design provides not only functional but a visual perspective as well.

the Balnarring Retreat window and a chair next to it

Big windows located in some parts of the house connects it to the surrounding nature, especially the pond.

two images of Balnarring Retreat

With concrete walls, the bathroom contrasts the warm interior of other rooms.

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