Balmuda Toaster | Uses Steam To Provide A Freshly Baked Taste


With the Balmuda Toaster, you can prepare fresh toast that will taste just like it came from a bakery. It uses steam to trap moisture inside the toast while keeping the crust perfectly cooked. You can also use it for croissants, baguettes, rolls, you name it.

The design isn’t really typical. Instead of vertical toasters we usually use, in this one you place the bread horizontally. This allows you to add whatever you like to the bread, for example, make a cheese sandwich. The Balmuda Toaster uses thermostats to maintain the perfect temperature and create great flavor and texture.

black toaster that uses steam to work

This toaster is a bit different than those we are used to. It uses steam for a perfect, bakery style bread.

As for using the toaster, it’s quite simple. There’s a slot at the top of the toaster where you pour in the water that is later transformed into steam. This makes the food taste fresh instead of dried out. You’ll also find five different modes to choose from-  toast mode, cheese toast mode, French bread mode, croissant mode and classic mode. For this last one, you don’t need to add water. Once you’ve chosen the mode, set up the timer from 1-15 minutes.

Three images of Balmuda Toaster being used

You add a bit of water at the top that is later transformed into steam.

As for the size, it measures 14.06 x 12.64 x 8.23 inches. You can get it in different colors- black, grey, white and stainless steel. Here’s some interesting info. The toaster is available in Japan since it’s produced there. Since it came out in 2015 Balmuda has sold about 10,000 per month. Because it’s so popular, there’s a three-month waiting list.

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black and white Balmuda Toaster

To get a glimpse of how Balmuda Toaster works and what you can prepare with it, check out this video. 

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