Balluga | The World’s Smartest Bed


Being fatigued is one of the main causes of workplace incidents as well as poor performance and we all know how frustrating it is to miss out on a good night’s rest because of an uncomfortable bed. Well, that is the case no more with Balluga: The World’s Smartest Bed.

A hybrid between bed and tech, the Balluga sets out to change the way that we sleep at night. Instead of using springs in the mattress, the Balluga utilizes a revolutionary new air-cushion system that always ensures that your spine is in the correct position by increasing or decreasing pressure as needed. Balluga also has an integrated climate control system that pushes ambient air from the room through the mattress and you can either heat the air in the winter or use the cool air.

Balluga bed showing differences in climate control for each side

Each side of the bed has it’s own independent climate control via the airflow system.

With the vibro massage system that has been designed to target your pressure points, you’ll drift off to sleep in no time as your muscles relax or you can set it to gently wake you in the morning. The Balluga also has integrated sleep monitoring sensors that show you that much needed information on your sleeping pattern as well as snoring detection which automatically senses when you are snoring and either lifts or lowers your head to open up your airways.

Balluga Smart Bed with sleep monitor sensor readings

The Sleep Monitoring sensors gives you crucial information so that you can be aware of your sleeping rhythms.

Of course, since it is the world’s smartest bed, all of these functions work independently for both sides of the bed and can be controlled via the Balluga app for both Android and iOS. As a bonus, with the help of a sensor, when you get out of bed, a courtesy light switches on that has been designed to assist you to and from your bed without disturbing your partner.

This project has been successful on Kickstarter and is currently on Indiegogo InDemand so that you can grab early bird specials. watch video below

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