You all know how horrible it feels to sit all day, and then finally get up. Not a good feeling at all, you’ll agree. All that sitting can be an awful strain on your back muscles and torso, and if you often work longer than regular hours, you might soon face the hard realization that your blood flow has started slowing down considerably, leaving your limbs numb and chilly. Regular breaks to stand up and stretch a bit can help keep your physique in good shape – but this is not always possible, especially not on very busy office days. Don’t worry – the folks from Humanscale have come up with a perfect solution for the common problems stemming from long-hour sitting, and it’s called the Ballo Stool.

Ballo Stool

Inspired by the standard fitness ball model, this playful ergonomic stool by Don Chadwick has been especially tailored to deliver low-intensity physical activity. Who says that you have to go out to work out? This innovative stool will keep your body active by engaging your legs and core muscles to maintain your torso in an upright position – plus it helps burn calories too, which is something most of us want and appreciate dearly as an extra feature in any given product we use daily.

Colors of the Ballo Stool

“Ballo was inspired by the exercise ball, but it’s more fun. I wanted its form to bring a sense of playfulness to any environment, and create a portable multipurpose stool that promotes balance while offering stability,” Ballo designer Don Chadwick says.

Because of its ability to make your body work out even when you’re sitting at your computer desk or in front of your TV set, Ballo Stool can help improve your metabolism and reduce the risks of long-term sedentary-related diseases. The bottom and the top of this trendy-looking stool boasts a non-slip surface crafted from eco-friendly thermoplastic vulcanizate, which contains no PVC and no heavy metals and ensures high tear-resistance, easy cleaning routines and long product lifespan. Capped by non-slip air-filled dimpled domes and fitted with a set of handles and a concrete counterweight at the gravity base for ideal balance and stability, the spool-shaped Ballo Stool weights a slight 13.5 pounds, so it’s extremely flexible and easy enough to move wherever you want it to be, so you can even use it for short spur-of-the-moment office meetings. Ballo comes in the package with a three-year warranty and ships inflated in the box with a convenient air pump.

Ballo Stool

Measuring 24.5 x 17.8 inches (H x W) and capable of withstanding loads of up to 300 pounds, Ballo is available in seven colors (blue, sky blue, green, yellow, red, gray and black), and it’s a great piece of contemporary-looking furniture for offices, living rooms, collaboration spaces, informal classrooms, lounge and cafeteria areas or any other place you can think of. Because of all of these cool, fun and durable features, it is also a great piece of gear to stack in your children’s room. So, what are you waiting for? Cut the muscle strain and prevent lazy blood flow on particularly busy deskwork days in one simple step – order your Ballo Stool today and put it to good use as soon as your precious shipment arrives! [via]

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