Vast majority of the best and most practical products are simple and easy to use, while serving their purpose the best way possible. It is the same with balKonzept. A simple product of a great idea. It is a balcony table that looks great, works perfectly and gives you the opportunity to move some of the more space consuming activities, such as working at your computer, eating or reading to a more enjoyable environment.

BalKonzept is made of recyclable polyethylene which is a durable, weatherproof material, making it a reliable product. The lower part is a simple flat surface that can be used as a table to place books, drinks, food or as a desk for your computer.

The upper part features another dish-like container that is perfect for placing additional objects, or some that are rounded and could roll away. Also, it can be a valuable environment design feature, since it can serve as a place for plants or even ice for cooling drinks.

The size of balKonzept is also perfect. It is large enough to enable you to work or eat freely, but still compact and stable enough to be able to hang from a banister or railing that is only 6cm wide.

This product can have numerous uses, but anyone who spends a lot of time working in front of a computer must see what a great idea this is.

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Man on the computer and another cutting a woman's hair using the balKonzept Balcony Desk

A computer on a yellow balKonzept Balcony Desk

Yellow balKonzept Balcony Desk

Purple balKonzept Balcony Desk

Red balKonzept Balcony Desk

balKonzept Balcony Desk dimensions and drawing plans

Man sitting and using a computer on the balKonzept Balcony Desk

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