Exercising and strengthening your back while not moving! That must be a dream of every office worker in the world, or anybody who spends long hours sitting down. British company Gaiam UK has made a fantastic chair called Balance Ball Chair which combines ergonomic back support, comfort, and fitness. The chair is a very efficient tool for supporting and strengthening your core muscles while improving your posture.

Gaiam is a company that prides itself in promoting and actively contributing to healthy lifestyle while, at the same time, being mindful of the sustainability of the Earth’s resources. The Balance Ball Chair is a great and natural alternative to strenuous back strengthening exercises. It reduces nerve compression, and gives you a low impact workout.

Balance Ball Chair

The chair has a removable ball (52 cm / 21.7″ in diameter) which you can use for other types of exercise too. When the ball is inflated, the chair is approximately 23 inches high, and it is suitable for people whose height ranges from 5’0’’-5’11”, and who weigh no more than 21 stones (133 kg). The balance ball chair is available in charcoal colour with a black base, it comes with an air pump, and it weighs 13 lbs.

At Gaiam’s official website, you’ll find a demonstration of stretches and exercises using the Balance Ball Chair, as well as cross-training moves to reduce belly fat and tone your body.

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Balance Ball Chair

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair parts

Fitness ball chair

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