Baggizmo | Innovative Bag That Perfectly Fits Your EDC


Baggizmo is an easy-to-wear bag that can smartly fit your items and gadgets. Besides it being functional, the bag is very fashionable as well. You can wear it below or above your jacket, either on the left or right side.

Baggizmo uses Schoeller-dynatec, an innovative material made of hard wearing fabric. It’s protective, abrasion resistant, breathable, wind and water repellent. The back of the bag uses breathable mesh material that offers ventilation and weather protection. Not only the material is high-quality but buckles and straps as well.

A Guy On A Bike Wearing Baggizmo

Baggizmo is great when you’re on the move.

As for the compartments, they all have internal cushioning and microfiber inner lining. This means that the gadgets inside the bag will be safe and won’t get damaged. The nice touch is an NFC tag in the top front pocket for easy data transferring.

Once you put the bag on, it won’t move so it’s great for when you’re riding a bike. Not to forget with the bike hook shackle you can attach either to your pants, belt or back pocket. Also, all the pockets were arranged according to the weight of items and even when the bag is full, the design makes it look slim.

Two Images Of A Guy Wearing Baggizmo

With Baggizmo, you can easily access all your gadgets.

So, let’s talk about storage. The big compartment can fit a tablet and two smartphones. There are also smaller ones for keys, wallet, power stick, pens…The shoulder strap is where another pocket is. This one is made for headphones, so they don’t tangle with the rest of things.

You can get Baggizmo in several colors- jet black, cadet blue, ash grey and cardinal red. Besides the textile bags, there are also leather ones in various colors.

Items That Can Fit Inside Baggizmo

You can fit many items inside Baggizmo. The best thing is that even when full, the bag looks slim.

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