Breathalyzers have been present for a long time, so what is so special about this one, you might wonder. This is a breathalyzer for smartphones, something completely new on the market.

BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer measures your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). It can fit in the palm of your hand, its dimensions being 1.75 x 2.75 x 0.63 inches. So, it can also fit in any pocket or any purse, meaning you can always take it with you. Its design is quite modern. It is entirely made of plastic, and has only one button for turning it on and off. There is no display on the device itself, you will get all the information through your smartphone. There is also a micro USB port on the bottom of the breathalyzer, where you charge it. Fully charged battery is usually good for 150 tests. The breathalyzer comes with three mouthpieces, and a zippered case.

This device is very accurate, it can detect up to 0.001% of alcohol. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to your smartphone, and it is compatible only with iPhones 4S or later, iPad 3 or later, and Android 4.3 and later.

Bactrack breathalyzer

How does it work?

First you need to download the free BACtrack app, then you turn the Breathalyzer on and it will pair with your phone. You need to wait 15 minutes between your drink and the test, or the results will be higher. But this is the case with any breathalyzer, not just this one. After blowing into the device, and getting your results, you have the option of learning more about your results. This is where the magic begins. You can see the estimated time period for sobering up, map your location, take photos and notes of your drinks, and save and share your results. You can share the results privately or publicly. You can also see your drinking habits through charts, and see your body’s reaction to alcohol.

You can buy it on Amazon for $99, which is nothing when you take into account that you can actually save lives by testing your friends, and proving to them that it is not safe to drive home. watch video below

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Get it from Amazon here

Bactrack breathalyzer for smartphones

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