Maintaining a good posture is vital for your backs and neck when you’re standing, walking, lying down or sitting – but most of us tend to forget that bit of doctor’s orders during long hours at the office, transport or telly time. And if you have way too many worries on your mind as it is and can’t always keep an eye out on your sitting position, we have just the right thing to keep your back happy, your spine healthy and your neck ache-free: with Backjoy, you can work all day and night without having to endure consequent paralyzing pains and muscle soreness. And how does this Backjoy thingy exactly work? Let’s find out!


A crossbreed between a cushion and back-supporter, Backjoy is a special seating device that helps keep your posture straight and proper when sitting on any given surface. Simply sit on top of your Backjoy and rely on its curves to engage your muscles in the best way as to strengthen your core, stabilize your pelvis and tilt your hips upwards to ensure healthy breathing and prevent potential spine stress, muscle inflammation or similar bone and back pains commonly caused by slouching, slumping or other improper sitting postures. Made from a plastic shell and advanced Core Material, Backjoy will do its magic on bodies up to 300 pounds of gross weight on any seat type even with no ergonomic chairs or additional back supports.

BackJoy seating for your back and good posture

Backjoy comes with a comfy weatherproof covering so you can use it indoors and outdoors alike, and thanks to its lightweight construction with a convenient carrying handle, this little seating extra can go anywhere you go, no strings attached. Weighing a slight 1.2 pounds, Backjoy will soon become your best seating companion at home and office, in your car or even on a plane so order your next back support-come-cushion today to keep pain and tension at bay all though the days to come. [via]

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Portable seat that is good for your back and posture


BackJoy portable seat

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