Basecamp Tiny Homes

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A pair of engineers, Tina and Luke Orlando designed one of those tiny homes we envy each time we see it. At first, they built it for themselves according to their needs- the house is pet-friendly and sustainable, with plenty of storage space. They are now selling the plans for the house in order to share it with everyone interested in building it for themselves. At this point, there’s one model- Basecamp with many add-on options.

Basecamp Tiny Home is located near Beaverton, Oregon on a three-axle trailer and has 204 sq ft. It took the couple 18 months to finish the plans before actually hiring a firm to build it. Once it was built, it instantly became a perfect getaway destination. As for the house itself, the lower floor is where the living room, kitchen, and the bathroom are while the bedroom is on the top floor.

Basecamp Tiny Homes Kitchen Area

Basecamp Tiny Home comes with different add on options.

Basecamp Tiny Homes Living Area

This house has 204 sq ft, it’s pet-friendly, works off the grid and has plenty of storage space.

Basecamp Tiny Homes Storage Spaces

The lower floor is where the living room, kitchen, and bathroom are.

In the living room, there’s a nice couch that can serve as a guest bed, a TV and lots of storage space. Just like we said, the house is pet-friendly and contains a special space for pets, built-in food and water bowls and hideaway dens. The bathroom features a composting toilet and shower and through the bedroom you can reach the outdoor staircase leading to the rooftop deck.

Basecamp Tiny Homes Bedroom

The bedroom is located on the top floor of the house.

Basecamp Tiny Homes Staircase

The staircase serves also for storage.

Basecamp Tiny Homes Upper Wooden Deck

The solar panels are on the roof. There’s also a nice top deck reachable through the bedroom.

Basecamp Tiny Home functions off the grid. The heating system and cooking works through propane gas, there’s a rainwater collection system, solar panels on the roof and battery backup. You check the prices for the plan and all the info on different package options here.

Basecamp Tiny Homes Bathroom

The bathroom features a composting toilet and shower.

Basecamp Tiny Homes Wooden Deck

You can purchase the plans for this tiny house, with plenty of different options.

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