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We have all been in those social situations where we have friends or family over for a few drinks, we have been selected to be the designated bartender and we have to prove our skills at being able to pour the perfect Martini or a cocktail of the guest’s choosing; alas, it gets botched as our mixture ends up being poured inaccurately. Fear no more for the perfect solution is here – B4RM4N Smart Cocktail Shaker.

B4RMAN Smart Cocktail Shaker is packed full of useful features which will help you to achieve the status of “cocktail hero”. Armed with an Atmel Microcontroller, Accelerometer, RGB Led’s, Precision Weight Sensor, Sound feedback, a Lithium Ion Battery, Isolated USB Plug, Bluetooth 4.0 and a smooth silver finish, this shaker comes straight out of a sci-fi movie. Designed to work with a Smartphone application that features over 110 pre-programmed recipes this shaker does everything for you, well, everything except shaking itself.

B4RM4N Smart cocktail shaker

B4RM4N makes sure that you get the perfect drink every time by telling you what ingredients to pour and the amounts, how much ice to use, if it needs to be shaken or stirred, how many dashes of bitters that needs to be poured, it even gives you suggestions on what to make according to your current ingredients that you may have in the fridge or bar and of course, it allows you to share your creations and experience others via social networks.

Pre-order your own personal B4RM4N Cocktail Shaker at Kickstarter (available in July 2015) since everybody is raving about it. In the words of one reviewer “this smart shaker practically makes cocktails for you”. watch video below

B4RM4N cocktail shaker

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