Your bathroom is also a living space, and its décor deserves as much attention as your living or dining room. Now here’s something that will bring a ‘Wow!’ quality to your bathroom – Axor Waterdream shower head / lamp installation designed by Japanese designer Oki Sato for Nendo.

Axor , the designer brand of Hansgrohe, collaborated with Oki Sato to provide an alternative vision of the bathroom, a fantastic fixture which combines light and water for a fresh interpretation of showering experience.

Axor Waterdream Shower Head by Nendo

The Waterdream fixture is a hybrid of a floor lamp and a cascade of water, and, as such, a great example of multifunctional design with dual utilities. Oki Sato explains the inspiration for his unusual design: “I was thinking that water does not exist without light. Imagine a river or a lake: when it is night time it disappears in the darkness because it absorbs all the light. But at daytime you have the sunlight and then it creates all this glittering effect on the surface of the water. It creates depth, it creates colors and it becomes an emotional aspect.”

Axor Waterdream is not only a captivating fusion of art and technology, but a whole new take on bathroom aesthetic. watch video below

Creator Oki Sato under the Axor Waterdream Shower Head by Nendo

Axor Waterdream Shower Head by Nendo

Axor Waterdream Shower Head by Nendo

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