Regular exercise and a healthy diet are key to a good and healthy lifestyle, but sometimes things that are hard to pay attention to can affect our overall health in a negative way. For instance the quality of air in your home or workspace. In order to obtain the necessary information about air quality in places you spend most of your time, you can use Awair, an efficient and compact air quality monitor. Awair pays attention to several factors in its reading so it can provide you with the information regarding air quality, including temperature, humidity, levels of dust, CO2, and Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs. After taking these readings, Awair lets you know what is the overall score of the air quality, called Awair Score.

Awair air quality score

After taking its reading, Awair will give you an overall air quality score

Awair tracks air quality with several pre-determined purposes, which you will choose, of course. You can set it to track data in order to increase your productivity, help you with your allergies, or help you with your sleep. After choosing your setting, Awair will give you advice on how to change your behavior for the particular setting you have chosen.

Awair purpose

You can set for which purposes you want Awair to give you air quality improvement advice

Awair will give you this advice via its WiFi connectivity and companion app which is supported by iOS 7 and Android 4 (or newer versions). It can also be connected with other devices you might have at your home or office, such as purifiers, thermostats, humidifiers and filters so that they can improve air quality in unison. You can also connect several Awairs in order to get a clear view of air quality in your entire home.

Awair size and design

Because of its small size and great design, it can be used at home or in your office

Measuring only 6.3 x 3.54 x 1.97 inches in size, Awair can be placed anywhere and its amazing design will make it blend with the rest of your furniture as it resembles a Bluetooth speaker. Awair also offers the benefit of needing very little electricity to operate, it uses up 0.05 kWh of electricity per month. [via]

Check out a short video presentation of the capabilities of Awair.

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