Growing your very own avocado tree has literally never been easier, all thanks to the brilliant idea behind the AvoSeedo. The AvoSeedo was based on the main principles behind the more common toothpick method used to start the germination process of an avocado seed.

However, AvoSeedo is much easier as it requires very little attention and it doesn’t involve damaging the seed with toothpicks which can stop the germination process altogether.

AvoSeedo in  water container

AvoSeedo simplifies the germination process of an avocado seed

This subtropical fruit is present in almost all supermarkets due to its rising popularity and has found a permanent spot on our dining tables. Its creamy texture and wonderful taste is just another plus as it is extremely healthy because avocados are brimming with healthy unsaturated fats and vitamins. And now, you can have your own avocado tree. So, how does AvoSeedo work? AvoSeedo starts the germination process in a much easier and simpler way than it is usually done. There are two effective but time-consuming methods that have been used so far. The first one requires you to put the seed in a biodegradable pot and keep it in a warm and bright place and, after a month or two, roots will start to grow.

AvoSeedo and fully grown avocados

AvoSeedo allows you to grow an avocado at your home

The toothpick method requires you to puncture the seed with three or four toothpicks and place the “flat” end of the seed over a water container (toothpicks prevent it from sinking) while the “pointy” end receives sunlight. This process also take a month or two.

AvoSeedo builds on the latter method and makes it more effective. It incorporates the use of a small plastic avocado shaped bowl with an indentation in which the seed is placed with the “flat” end facing down. After that, place the bowl in a large water filled container and that’s pretty much it. The bowl won’t sink and all that’s left to do is make sure that the water level is high enough. It also features a small hole intended for the placement of a flag in which you can put data about the seed (strain, date of the start of the project etc.). AvoSeedo is available through crowd-funding on Kickstarter where you can pre-order one for only $8.

AvoSeedo flag mount

The flag mount allows you to keep data on your various seeds

With this elaborate tool you can immensely raise the chances of successful avocado seed germination without damaging the seed. AvoSeedo allows you to master this process and grow an avocado tree at your home. [via] watch video below

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