Avex Freeflow Water Bottle


Whether you’re practicing a sport or choosing to spend time outdoors, keeping yourself hydrated is extremely important. Avex is well-known for making high-quality bottles that can be reusable. Avex Freeflow Water Bottle is very durable and can hold your liquids up to 10 hours hot and 29 hours cold. Now that’s impressive!

Avex Freeflow Water Bottle is made from stainless steel and has a double wall that makes it well insulated. It features a leak-proof Autoseal button that automatically seals between sips and eliminates spills. The great thing about this button is that thanks to the cross-bolt lock your liquids won’t spill if you accidentally push it.

A Guy Holding Blue Avex Freeflow Water Bottle

Avex Freeflow Water Bottle can hold your liquids up to 10 hours hot and 29 hours cold.

Avex Freeflow Water Bottle is very easy to clean and you should know that the top-rack can be put in the dishwasher as well. There’s a nice bolted handle that enables you to carry it with no problems or hang it on a backpack. Folks at Avex made sure you are protected from germs and dirt so they designed a special protective spout cover.

Six Different Colors Of Avex Freeflow Water Bottle

You can get it in six different colors.

You can get Avex Freeflow Water Bottle with 24 or 40 oz capacity. It comes in five different colors- black, blue, deep blue, ice and orange. There’s also an unfinished stainless steel version that looks very cool.

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