The Autonomous Tent | By Harry Gesner


Many of us have had that burning archaic desire to simply leave our jobs and return to the wild. Living completely off the grid, and this can be seen in the rise of modding vans for permanent road trips and a variety of other methods. However, few of us want to give up the luxuries that modern life has to offer but with The Autonomous Tent, this is no longer the case.

Designed by Architect Harry Gesner, The Autonomous Tent gives you the ability to completely live off the grid and then raise it in a few days and leave without a trace.

View from the front door of the Autonomous Tent

Designed to be luxurious, The Autonomous Tent allows you to have unprecedented views right from your bedroom.

The idea behind the Autonomous Tent was simple; it would give man the ability to live sustainably and with respect and balance to every aspect of our ecosystems.

The Autonomous Tent is also unique in the fact that it does not require a foundation since it is simply propped up on a wooden base which can be purchased in a variety of designs.

The Autonomous Tent Bathroom facilities

By either hooking up to utilities, or simply adding grey water systems, you can have all the luxuries of home.

It is also unique in the fact that it does not require any utilities since it can simply be hooked up to existing utilities or outfitted with grey water systems, compost gardens, solar panels and other equipment that allows for off-grid survival.

Autonomous Tent Lounge

With over 700 sq. feet of living space, you have plenty of space for a lounge, a bedroom and ablution facilities.

The Autonomous Tent comes in two different designs – the 700 sq. foot cocoon or the 1000 sq. foot Tipi – and features laminated beams, aluminum, steel and semi-opaque fabric that has been engineered to withstand 90 mph winds and snow.

Even though it does offer all the luxuries of home, The Autonomous Tent will set you back $100,000+. [via]

People having a function inside the Autonomous Tent

Not just for living off the grid, The Autonomous Tent can be used for parties, functions and anything else that your imagination can come up with.

Two Chairs on the deck of the Autonomous Tent

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