Automotive Trends to Look Out for

The auto industry is constantly going through change and this is particularly true in 2021 as a result of the pandemic. In addition to global events like this, technological developments, consumer expectations, social trends and other factors can all influence and change the industry. So, what are a few of the automotive trends to look out for in the near future?

Shared Vehicles

One trend that has been gathering pace in recent times has been shared vehicles. Instead of most people owning a car, people will pool together to share vehicles as a way to reduce costs as well as reduce their environmental impact.

More Autonomy

While driverless cars still remain a way off, you will find that there will be increased autonomy on the roads in the coming months and years. L3 autonomous driving has recently arrived in the UK, which involves vehicles using environmental detection and making informed decisions without any driver input (such as accelerating past a slow-moving car).


Electric cars are the future, but many people are making the switch now and enjoying the many perks that electric car ownership can bring. There is now a much greater choice of electric vehicles, such as the new Mokka from Vauxhall as a car providing to be popular. Additionally, the improving technology and charging infrastructure means that range anxiety is less of an issue and this is leading many people to make the switch now.


Connectivity is becoming a major trend in the automotive industry with the latest vehicles having a range of connectivity services. Connectivity can include communication between cars to assist with journey planning, traffic management infrastructure and connectivity for car occupants and the outside world.

Increased Revenues

It might have been a difficult period for the automotive industry in recent times, but it is predicted that there will be a sharp increase in revenues in the coming years by about 30%. Shared mobility, connectivity services, electric cars and feature upgrades are a few of the main reasons that revenues are predicted to increase globally in the coming years and could revitalise the auto industry.


Following this, the way in which people shop for cars has now completely changed as a result of COVID-19. Like many industries, businesses have had to adapt and be agile in order to find continued success. This has involved the digitalisation of the car buying process, including virtual showrooms and the ability to have cars delivered to your doorstep.

These are a few of the main auto trends that are emerging and will shape the industry in the coming years. It is a time of change in the auto industry and it looks like it could be a busy period ahead after such a difficult time during COVID-19.

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