Pets are perfect additions to any family. There isn’t a day that goes by where they don’t at least make you smile once with their antics and children love having a furry friend around. Eventually they truly do become like family members and taking proper care of them, which includes proper and nutritional food, is a priority. Here’s a clever product from RINN Inc. that will be of great assistance to you when feeding your pet. It’s an automatic pet feeder called PETLY.


PETLY is very easy to use; just turn a dial and push a button

RINN inc. designed PETLY because they understand how important it is for your pet to be fed regularly and not to be over-fed. PETLY is a straightforward gadget and it works in the following way – you simply turn a dial and push a button, and the feeder is automatically set. It will dispense food up to 4 times an hour, with the amounts ranging between 5 to 50 grams. PETLY is stable because of its low center of gravity so it’s difficult to tip it over.

PETLY capacity

Because of its 1kg capacity, you don’t have to fill it up regularly

Filling it up is easy and it doesn’t have to be that regular since PETLY has a load capacity of 1kg. With its sleek design, PETLY perfectly matches any decor you might have and you can rest assured that RINN inc. offers quality since the feeder is meticulously crafted by the engineers at Nagano Prefecture in Japan. Even with a power outage you need not fret since PETLY operates on 4 D-size batteries meaning that your pet will be fed 24 hours a day. If you have a small dog or a cat, then PETLY is exactly what you need to keep them healthy and regularly fed. [via]

Get it from Amazon here.

PETLY stability

If you happen to have a mischievous pet at home, PETLY’s low center of gravity will make sure that your pet can’t tip it over

Check out a video about PETLY below.

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