Auto Transport Facts

When looking for a specific car model, especially with vintage vehicles or rare makes, your option would be to buy one out of state. Even with regular cars, you may find great deals and additional features offered in places outside your area. You can even complete your purchase online.

But one of the challenges of buying a car out of state is transporting it. The traditional way is to travel to the vehicle and drive it back to your home state. However, doing this would significantly increase the vehicle’s mileage and cause additional wear and tear.

Your other option is to talk to car shipping companies and have them transport your car for you. It’s a more convenient and safer way to bring a car from out of state. Below are a few facts you need to know about auto transport.

Understanding Auto Transport and Its Advantages

According to, auto transport, also known as car transport and car shipping, refers to the shipment of a vehicle from one place to another, using trucks specially built to carry cars.

Avoid spending hours or even days driving your newly purchased car for hundreds of miles while facing dangers and additional stress. Hire a car shipping company to deliver it to your home.

Beyond the convenience of waiting for your car to arrive after flying comfortably to your destination, there are other benefits from using auto transport. One is the prevention of extra wear and tear on your car. Car shippers will place your vehicle securely at the back of a truck, where it will sit throughout the trip.

There will be no extra mileage since it isn’t running during transport. You also don’t have to worry about accidents since state laws require auto transport firms to have liability insurance for vehicle owners. But insurance only covers the car itself, so be sure to clear the vehicle of any other belongings before the trip.
Looking at the Shipment Process

Once you’ve decided to take the auto transport route in bringing your new car home, the first thing you need to do is to find a service provider. You may approach a shipping company directly or work through a transport broker to tap the services of their partner companies.

If you want to hire car shippers directly, consider getting multiple price quotes. You can compare their service offerings based on your available budget. Book the car shipment with the provider of your choice.

The shipper will ask you to provide specific details, including the range of dates of your car’s expected arrival, as well as the specific pickup and drop-off locations. The company will do its best to ensure that your vehicle arrives within the agreed-upon time frame.

Choosing Between Car Shipping Firms or Transport Brokers

While searching for a service provider for your vehicle’s shipment, you’ll probably encounter two types of companies, car shipping firms and transport brokers. In a nutshell, auto shipping companies are responsible for the shipment. They would have their specialist workers load the vehicle at the pickup point and unload it at the drop-off location.

However, not all car shipping firms want to deal with customers directly. Some of them partner with a transport broker to get clients. The advantage of using a transport broker is that you don’t have to do anything else but provide the details and budget for the shipment.

The transport broker will assume the task of talking to multiple shipping companies, comparing their offers, and doing the calculations to stick to your budget. They may not be doing the shipping per se, but brokers will make things easier for you. You will receive a single quote that the broker feels best suited to your needs.

Should You Go With Open or Enclosed Transport?

Depending on the vehicle you’d be shipping, you can choose two types of transport trucks. You may either go for an open transport truck or an enclosed one. Open transport is less expensive since it uses trucks that are open on both sides. However, it exposes your vehicle to various elements like wind, rain, and direct sunlight that may cause some damage to the car’s exterior. An open truck can transport about ten cars on average.

On the other hand, you may consider enclosed transport more secured from both the elements and theft. Enclosed trucks also carry fewer vehicles per trip than open trucks. However, it’s about 40% more expensive. Companies recommend this type of auto transport for shipping custom cars with low ground clearance, luxury vehicles, and antique cars.

Home and Terminal Delivery Options

After choosing the type of transport you want to use to ship your car, you may also decide whether to go for home delivery or terminal delivery. The home delivery option is the more convenient yet more expensive option. You only need to comfortably wait for the shipper to pick up your car at a specific location and deliver it to your house.

Meanwhile, dropping off and picking up your vehicle at the auto transport company’s designated terminals will be the cheaper option. It’s also something that people could choose if they’re unwilling to wait around at home for their vehicle to be picked up or delivered.
Final Thoughts

With a greater understanding of auto transport, you’d be more open to searching for your next car across states. Having the ability to safely and comfortably bring home your purchased car will widen your horizons regarding car buying.

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