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Wearable devices which are used to help with your fitness programs and monitor your progress usually come in the form of a bracelet. However, Athos decided to step ahead of the curve and make fitness wearables more effective by producing the most comfortable wearable fitness tracker yet, the Athos Smart Apparel. Their product consists of several parts: fitness garments (shirt and shorts), the Athos Core, and the companion app through which you monitor your progress. The Athos Core is the brain of this fitness tracking system, as it collects and sends the data gathered via a Bluetooth connection to your smart phone. It has a ten hour battery life and weighs very little, only 20 grams. It’s weight and much appreciated impact resistance are all important as the Athos Core is placed in the Athos shirt and shorts in order to do its job.

Athos Core

The Athos Core is the brain of this system as it collects data and sends it to your preferred smart device

The Athos shirt and shorts are something else entirely. These garments were made so that they do not obstruct your workout regiment in any way. As a matter of fact, it even assists you. Chafing is not an issue here thanks to the flat seam construction. It even keeps your body cool and dry and doesn’t limit your movements. If you are more into outdoor exercises, you will be glad to know that the shirt and shorts were given a UPF 50 treatment which will protect you from harmful sun rays.

Athos garments

All Athos garments are comfortable, durable and in no way limit your movement

As sensors of the Athos system are placed all over the garments, you needn’t worry about comfort as they conform seamlessly to the contours of your body and don’t even need to be replaced. Just treat them as your regular workout clothes. As for the app, it gives a real time insight into which muscles groups are being worked on, the progress of your form and much more. You can monitor the regiment under which you are working out and go through your entire history to go into details of each session. This system is also very useful as it can help avoid workout related injuries due to its ability to monitor muscle strain.

Athos app

The Athos app provides you with every workout detail you can possibly need

The Athos Smart Apparel is unlike any other fitness wearable currently available as it offers a level of insight into your training previously unavailable on the commercial market. Think “research facility” level of information when you consider purchasing this fitness system because that’s pretty much what it is, a high-end, high efficiency fitness wearable.

Athos complete system

The combination of the Athos garments, Core and app will allow you to monitor and improve your workout in real time

Check out a video presentation of the Athos Smart Apparel.

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