At Home Entertainment in a New Era

With more people preferring to stay home for entertainment over the last 18 months, there have been some innovative and creative ways Canadians have kept entertained. Although at home, and in most cases without physically present guests, these home entertainment initiatives have often been attended by more than just the hosts. They have been virtual in nature and ranged from simple catch-ups over the mobile phone, Skype and Zoom meetings for birthdays and even full-blown dinner parties and casino nights. Here are a few ideas that can help you to make the most of your next evening in.

The Virtual Dinner Party

Using Skype, Zoom, or the numerous other virtual chat rooms available to meet up with friends and family has become the norm. However, there have been those who have taken this to the next level and managed to host and arrange entire online dinner parties. The theme is up to you, and if you have a dress code, you could make it more exciting. The trend has been for a menu with cooking instructions to be sent out to the guests allowing you all to make the same meal, which you would then enjoy together. Other options, depending on how close your guests are to you, are sending out the meal, ordering each guest’s favorite as you would have been able to do in a restaurant, and then simply joining up to eat the meal and the great dinner table banter and conversation. All of which can also be recorded for posterity depending on the online meeting place you decide to use.

Online games night

This option had become somewhat of the go-to for the younger generations out there, but it is a trend that even adults have embraced wholeheartedly. For a long while before the pandemic, teenagers have been meeting in virtual rooms to play computer games and entertain themselves. This, as mentioned, has become a popular adult pastime, as the games have changed, and online entertainment offerings are more than they ever have been. It is now possible for adults to dress up and go to the casino for a good time. There are great online casinos where you can meet your friends for a night out. You can all be in the same bingo room and, if done correctly, can share the joy of a full house or a few lucky spins. If this is your cup of tea, just ensure that you check out how to stay safe when gambling online.

Board games and quizzes

During the recent lockdown, where the movement of people was limited and restricted, the online quiz has become somewhat of a phenomenon. It’s easy to set up and can be done with as many people as you would like. Have a quiz theme and even allow guests to choose some of the questions or the difficulty thereof to feel they have a chance at answering the questions. Designate a quiz master and definitely include a few prizes. Board games can also be played virtually, and as long as the connection is ok, these two options will make for some exciting times spent with family and friends.

The internet and the recent pandemic have come together to create entirely new and different ways to entertain ourselves, meet with friends, and have a night in, so make sure to try these out for yourself.

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