Astro Creates A Mind-bending Mural In Portugal

Astro is a french artist who first started with graffiti art and lately switched his focus more on large format murals. Just recently, he finished one mind-blowing mural in Portugal, and by saying mind-blowing, we literally mean that.

This amazing work can be found in the Portuguese city of Loures, on one side of a residential building. With layers of simple geometrical shapes and blue color, it looks just like a hallway leading into the building itself. Geometrical art is challenging, especially on large canvases like this one but with Astro’s skills, it ends up looking amazing every time.

Mural In Portugal By Astro

French artist Astro painted a mural on a residential building in Portuguese city Loures.

Astro combines op art with calligraphy and a nice sense of coloring to create his own optical illusions. In his work you can see the inspiration drawn from his idols -Alphonse Mucha, op art master Victor Vasarely but also abstract artists like Hartung. The mural itself is a part of the city’s public art project and Astro is just one of the artists who participated in the project.

Astro Bus Art In Portugal

His work on a bus, as a part of city’s public art project.

Also in Lourdes, he did another mural at the beginning of this year. This one has a similar theme and is painted on a residential building as well, only this time, using different layers of grey color.

Astro Mural On A Building In Portugal

Another similar mural in Portugal done by Astro.

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