If you’re looking for a 100% organic, all-natural moisturizer and leave-in conditioner for your beard, check out the all new Art Naturals beard oil. This concoction made especially for facial hair care and is a mixture of several carrier and essential oils for outstanding results in skin cell repair, fortifying hair growth while thickening and revitalizing brittle and thin hair.

ArtNaturals Beard Oil

ArtNaturals Beard Oil is made from the finest carrier and essential oils for the best beard care

The ingredients are completely natural and organic: 1. cold-pressed Jojoba oil, 2. cold pressed Moroccan Argan oil, 3 antioxidant rich Vitamin E oil. All these ensure that your beard will look healthy and strong if treated regularly with this product. Just apply a dime-sized portion of the oil to your beard with your hands after showering and be sure to cover all of it. The oil acts as a conditioner, hair and skin repair and anti-dandruff protection. Because the Art Naturals beard oil is 100% organic, it can be used every day without any restrictions. Just keep it away from strong sunlight to preserve the qualities of the carrier oils.

ArtNaturals Beard Oil

Apply the ArtNaturals Beard Oil every day for a full and healthy beard

Art Naturals takes pride in the eco-friendly approach it takes in manufacturing its products. All of their products are vegan certified, paraben and cruelty-free, and their packaging is recycled. So you are free to grow your perfect beard with the Art Naturals beard oil and embrace your inner lumberjack without fear for your environment.

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