We live in the era of technology and I hear every day about new items that surprise me. So when I heard about Aros Smart Air Conditioner, I thought: “How smart can an air conditioner be”?

The answer is: “Very smart”! It has three modes: Cool mode, Fan mode, and Eco mode; and three fan speeds: low, medium, and high. Aros has no remote control; its remote control is your smartphone. The unit is connected via Wi-Fi, and you can control it with Wink app, which is easy to use. This kind of a setup means that you can use it from any place.

Aros also keeps track of the amount of money that you spend on cooling on a monthly basis, and it can suggest settings that would save your money, based on your stated budget and weather report. It can switch off and on based on your GPS settings and location. It also memorizes your preferences, so it can adjust itself to temperatures you usually choose when getting up in the morning, or returning from work. So you see, it really is smart.

When it comes to its design, I think it stands out. It is white, shiny and has LED display that disappears when not used for a while. It blows air upward which feels more comfortable compared to air conditioners that blow air straight at you. In addition, it is not very noisy which is a big advantage. watch video below

Get it from Amazon here.

Aros smart air conditioner functions

Aros smart air conditioner mobile app

Aros smart air conditioner

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