Arnold EZ Stow Hauler


Arnold EZ Stow Hauler is there to make yard work easier. With it, you can quickly and efficiently transport all sort of plants, soil and necessary tools and when you’re not using it, just fold it and put away.

First of all, this 2-wheeled cart is compatible with lawn and garden tractors as well as RZT mowers with a hitch. What makes Arnold EZ Stow Hauler very compact is the fact that you can collapse it. Basically, all you have to do is fold down all four sides, when you do so, you can then store it vertically and it will take up to 70% less space than other haulers do. This means you can fit it into your garage easily. 

Carrying Gargening Gear In Arnold EZ Stow Hauler

Arnold EZ Stow Hauler will make sure you get your gardening jobs done quickly and efficiently.

Arnold EZ Stow Hauler can load 800 lbs and has 10 cubic feet capacity. When you turn it into a flat-bed you can then fit larger items. There’s a foot pedal for unloading compost, sand, gravel or whatever you’re carrying from one place to another. There’s one more feature that allows smooth ride across lawns, gardens, or farmlands-  15″ x 6″ air filled tires. On the sides, you’ll also find tool mounts.

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Folding Arnold EZ Stow Hauler

You can fold all four sides and make a flat-bed . This way you can place heavier and larger items on it or store it using little space.

Check out this video to see how Arnold EZ Stow Hauler can make your yard projects easier.

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