Armadillo Tea Canopy | By Ron Arad

Imagine going through the woods and stumbling upon a magnificent shelter like the Armadillo Tea Canopy. It was designed by architect and designer Ron Arad to serve as an outdoor or indoor enclosure. It can be a great addition to a garden, large open space or simply a way to take camping to the next level.

Armadillo Tea Canopy is made from 5 moulded shells, all modular. This allows different arrangements between the shells, but also for it to be expanded. You can take some parts out, or rearrange it in a way you like. The shells are fixed together using exposed fixings and stiffening brackets, all of them made from hand-patinated brass and bronze.

Armadillo Tea Canopy In The Woods

Armadillo Tea Canopy was designed by Ron Arad to “provide an intimate enclosure, shelter or place of reflection”.

Besides the additional anchoring for outdoors, Armadillo Tea Canopy is designed to be a free-standing structure. It’s around 20 square meters and both the front and back sides are open. Depending on the location, it comes with different finishes- from oiled plywood to PVDF-coated timber that would protect it in case the structure is meant to be placed outdoors.

The Front Of Armadillo Tea Canopy

Armadillo Tea Canopy has 5 modular shells that can be arranged in different ways.

Armadillo Tea Canopy From The Side

Armadillo Tea Canopy is a free-standing structure that can be placed both indoors and outdoors.

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