Are bongs good for your health? Find out here

Even though people typically think that some of the bigger smoking accessories and apparatuses are the most harmful for your health, this is often untrue. In fact, joints and other smaller smoking accessories can actually be just as harmful – if not more so. If there are no filtration methods to clear out the toxins and debris before inhaling, you may find that you are inhaling toxic chemicals and particles that you would otherwise be avoided by using cannabis accessories that utilize percolation.

Percolation and water filtration are two of the best methods that cannabis apparatuses use to help get rid of unwanted particles in your weed. Let’s see why a very popular smoking accessory in social settings is actually good for you – unlike what people typically think!

Are bongs good or bad for you? Find out more here!

We can know the bath benefits or risks of bongs, let’s see first how they work. Bongs are huge cannabis smoking accessories that you can buy online and typically come in all shapes and sizes – although you typically find them being big centerpieces mounted on someone’s living room or kitchen table. Although some are quite basic, usually bongs utilize big down stems, colorful accessories, and big bowls.

Even though they come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, they all do the same thing – they filter and cool off the hot smoke so that the pull can be smooth and not harm your lungs. bongs usually have a bowl that holds dried cannabis flower – which can be either indica or Sativa depending on your preferences – and heats the cannabis flower so that it burns and causes smoke to form within the chamber. While the smoke forms, the water filters harmful toxins, and the percolators help cool the smoke before entering your lungs.

Are bongs good for your lungs?

If you are wondering if the signs are good for your lungs, the answer is yes and no. The bongs will use water cooling methods to help the pull be softer going down your throat, but it is not necessarily better healthwise for your lungs. Although it feels better, it is not 100% better than other smoking methods. However, you will see that using marihuana via bong consumption is the best way that you can filter out harmful toxins and chemicals and avoid burning your lungs and your throat.

Are bongs harmful to your health?

If you’re still debating the health qualities of bongs, they are still not great for you – sorry! Even though they are less harmful than other smoking methods, such as vape pens, pipes, or bubblers, they are not necessarily GOOD for you. However, no smoking method is good for you per se, so bongs are the lesser of all evils. Unless you are only taking edibles and you are not using any smoking consumption to ingest cannabis, you will still be inhaling foreign particles into your lungs which can cause difficulty breathing in the future.


If you’re considering using bongs versus other smoking apparatuses, you need to weigh the pros and cons of this method. Check out the health benefits and health drawbacks before starting to use bongs and see if it is worth it for you and your health!

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