Arcus | A Stylish And Super Lightweight Carabiner | By SVØRN


There isn’t too much new and innovative stuff out there regarding jewelry and accessories. By now we’ve practically seen it all. But there is an interesting and young company from Stockholm, Sweeden, called SVØRN, that’s ready to offer something new.

SVØRN is a company that mainly works with all sorts of metals, to create extraordinary yet everyday accessories. Their products are the perfect balance between sharp edges and round form. With the glowing black color, these affordable accessories have a timeless, elegant yet modern and urban design that will make a great gift idea under $40.

Arcus A Stylish And Super Lightweight Carabiner

SVØRN Arcus Carabiner has an elegant and modern design.

The product that created a breakthrough for them is a sublime piece of everyday accessory – SVØRN Arcus Carabiner. Although originally, carabiners were created as part of climbing equipment, nowadays, people use them as jewelry or for carrying keys.

Arcus A Stylish And Super Lightweight Carabiner

It’s really light and comes in Chrome Noir color. (photo credit)

Do not try to use this beautiful piece of ornament for climbing, it’s designed exclusively as a key chain holder. SVØRN Arcus Carabiner is made out of Zinc alloy, so it’s incredibly light and you won’t even notice that you have it in your pocket. This model is very elegant and subtle so it won’t feel awkward and bulky in your pocket.

Arcus A Stylish And Super Lightweight Carabiner

Arcus Carabiner in the SVØRN black box.

When it comes to color, the SVØRN Arcus Carabiner is painted in a fascinating Chrome Noir that will glow for a long time and won’t fade practically ever. This carabiner is a sophisticated piece of everyday accessory that will make you look extremely cool and elegant at the same time.

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