Architecture Studio Snøhetta Designs The First Ship Tunnel In The World

If you haven’t heard of The Stad peninsula in Norway, you should know it has a very dangerous coastline. This is why the country’s coastal agency decided to invest in the first tunnel built for ships in the entire world. The initial design is done by an Architecture Studio Snøhetta and it will provide a safe passage through the area. The construction work will start in 2019 featuring wire-cut and blasted stone walls.

The tunnel will be worth €254 million with a length of 1.7 kilometers, width of 36 meters, and 49 meters tall. These dimensions mean that large cruise ships, sailboats, and coastal steamers will be able to pass through. In fact, on a daily basis, 70 – 120 ships could pass the tunnel.

tunnel for ships

Architecture Studio Snøhetta made a design for the first tunnel for ships. It will be located in Norway.

The project manager Terje Andreassen said that “in such a delicate landscape, the tunnel has to be more than just a foul intervention in nature. We put a lot of effort in making it aesthetically appealing”. This also means the tunnel will be an attraction for tourists and residents.The design includes a bridge that will go over the tunnel, allowing people to enjoy the view of nature and large ships going in.

a bridge above the tunnel for ships

There will be a bridge above it.

Inside the tunnel, LED lights will lead the way and they are made to withstand the salt-water. The studio said the construction will include:

“The stacked stone walls forming soft lines that are horizontal. They provide a nice visual impression, as they blend in as natural elements of the landscape. It will undoubtedly be a special experience for tourists aboard passenger ships, as well as for smaller boats in a convoy. It is crucial that this experience will be comfortable and quiet.” [via]

inside the ship tunnel

Inside, the tunnel will include LED lights that will lead the way.

two points the tunnel will connect

The tunnel will connect these two points.

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