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If you are looking for ways to improve your health, then you should use every trick in the book. One way to help increase the overall quality of life would be to use an anti-fatigue floor mat which suspends body weight and increases blood flow to the extremities while spending an extended period of time either in the kitchen or garage. This is where the Maxum Mat by WellnessMats come in as this company brings industrial grade quality straight to your home with these mats. The Maxum Mat is made from polyurethane and features no toxic materials, plasticizers, leeching chemicals or odors. It also boasts anti-static properties and has a textured surface so there is no way you will accidentally slip on one of these.

Maxum Mat 7 year warranty

The Maxum Mat comes with a 7 year warranty and is superbly crafted

WellnessMats make their products right in the USA so you can rest assured that no shortcuts were taken while producing these anti-fatigue mats because they are not influenced by the need to use cheaper materials and labor and in turn sacrifice quality and performance. The 7 year warranty serves as a testament to their superb craftsmanship and expertise.

Anti-slip floor mat

The Maxum Mat will remain in place while you freely move on top of it

The Maxum Mat is available in two colors (grey and black) and two different sizes: 3″ x 2″ and 5″ x 3″, so you can cover the entire area on which you are required to stand for extended periods of time. All of these mats are completely antimicrobial, do not require increased maintenance and are stain resistant.

Maxum Mat workshop

You can use these mats anywhere you spend a lot of time standing; your workshop for instance

The manufacturers of the Maxum Mat have for years produced similar products for many commercial industries and now you have the option of placing one in your own home and reap the rewards these ergonomic and durable anti-fatigue mats bring. As they do not curl or delaminate, you will be able to spend extra hours working on your favorite projects in your workshop or cooking your most demanding and not feel nearly as tired as you usually would.

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