Another Escape | A Five Volume Book On Outdoor Lifestyle

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Another Escape is a book on outdoor lifestyle and different stories of creative, insightful and inquisitive people. Its purpose is to explore all the things that inspire innovation, creativity, and discovery. This way the readers will be encouraged to be passionate and enthusiastic on what they do and what they dream to do. Most of all, this publication is a mix of storytelling and photography. It has five volumes, all seeking a fulfilling lifestyle. Each volume is divided into sections that are explored from four different perspectives. The book has 120 eco-labeled paper pages printed in vegetable inks with a local printer.


Another Escape Volum Two Book Cover

This book is dedicated to the people who appreciate nature and are connected to the environment.

This Volume follows the extraordinary lives of people actively exploring their own aspirations. This volume talks about vintage machinery and classic automobiles, tango music, urban foraging, bouldering, beekeeping on London’s high-rise tower blocks and searching of ochre pigments 200 feet underground. It also features the conversation with Nick Hand, cyclist, and storyteller.


Another Escape Volume Three Pages

Volume Three was the first themed volume, and the inspiration was wood.

This Volume’s theme is wood. The idea behind themed volumes is to have the stories connected in a way, where the one story ends and another one is picking it up. Volume three has many interesting stories like building bicycles with bamboo, Korean Papermaking, Kayak Building, Wilderness Perfumers, and much more wood themed stories.


Another Escape Volume Four Night Dive

Night Dive is a story of nocturnal worlds of bioluminescent organisms.

Volume four is the Night Volume. It provides exciting, unusual and disparate stories. From the realm of nocturnal organisms, meteorites and night cultures of big cities to the soundtracks and the language of light. The idea was to firmly wrap all the stories in one concept.


Another Escape Volume Five Nurturing Nature

Nurturing Nature is one of the stories in this Volume dedicated to the great outdoors.

The Great Outdoors. This volume is dedicated to the people who appreciate nature and the wilderness. For those who enjoy the peace and positive experience when connected to nature. For those who interact with the environment every day. It explores activities like hiking, climbing mountains, swimming in lakes, living eco-friendly.

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