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When it comes to furniture design, art and design students and graduates have proven to be a fountain of good, even revolutionary ideas. Case in point, Tehila Guy, the designer of Anda Inflatable Chair which she created for her final project at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. Guy is pushing the envelope with her design, challenging our believes that upholstery is required or even essential in furniture making and showing us that flat-pack furniture made from different and unusual materials can be as comfortable and interesting as ‘regular’ furniture.

Anda chair by Tehila Guy

Anda Inflatable Chair has a wooden base, to ensure structural strength, and an inflatable seat which connects all the parts of the chair together and prevents the chair from collapsing when used. The air in the inflatable seat presses on the wooden rods and actually makes the chair sturdy and stable. The seat is completely transparent and reveals the beautiful wood that the chair is made from. Guy says that she wanted to design “a piece of furniture that is out of the norm in a field that can seem fairly saturated. An armchair was a challenging choice due to the fact it’s barely flat-packed.”

Anda chair by Tehila Guy

Being highly practical, Anda Inflatable Chair is very easy to transport and assemble. Reminiscent of the furniture design from the 1960s, the era which was considered the height of creative design, this armchair will be an elegant addition to almost any interior. Tehila Guy adds that by combining the inflatable aspects of the design with a contemporary wooden structure she “created both a visually appealing and comfortable piece of furniture design.” Indeed, Anda Inflatable Chair is original, appealing and cozy. watch video below

Anda inflatable chair by Tehila Guy

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