Anchorhead Cold Brew Coffee

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Coffee and beer are maybe the two most popular and most consumed drinks all around the world, but no one tried to combine those two drinks into one, until now. For all the passionate coffee lovers and beer enthusiasts out there, we have something new and unique – Cold Brew Coffee by Anchorhead. It’s a cold coffee that has been brewed with hops in order to create an interesting and smooth taste.

Anchorhead Cold Brew Coffee is a bottled product made from three parts – a coffee concentrate, purified drinking water and the third part is hops. What gives this coffee a unique taste is the fact that it’s brewed with Citra hops. Because of the very strong and recognizable flavor that these two drinks have, this intriguing combination of coffee and beer may not be great for everyone. The thing that must be emphasized is that the flavor from the hops is very subtle while the coffee taste is dominant.

A bottle photographed from the front.

This cold coffee is brewed with a little bit of hops for a specific flavor.

Besides this brewed cold coffee, Anchorhead also produces other various types of coffee from whole beans to espresso blend. All these other products you can find on their website. Anchorhead produces coffee that’s unsweetened, fair trade and organic so you don’t have to worry about the quality and freshness of the taste.

Coffee mugs and coffee beans photographed from above.

Anchorhead also has a wide collection of different coffee beans.

The cool thing about this type of coffee is the very design of the bottle. It’s made to look like a regular beer bottle, which means it’s very practical for parties and other social events. Anchorhead Cold Brew Coffee is definitely an interesting and innovative new product that can be a great gift for your coffee and beer loving friends.

Two bottles and glass photographed from the front.

This innovative design can be very convenient for parties.

Many bottles photographed from the front.

All Anchorhead coffee products are unsweetened and organic.

Check out how the Anchorhead brewed coffee gets made here.

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