Analogue NT | Premium NES Nintendo System


For all retro gaming enthusiasts, Analogue NT will be a dream come true. Nintendo Entertainment System is one of the best and most iconic video game systems.

You’ll probably agree that the best way to play the old games is with the original hardware. That’s why Analogue NT was designed to have the hardware, CPU and PPU identical to the original one. It’s made of a single, solid block of 6061 aluminium. For an additional $49 you can get it in black, blue, or red finish. It looks minimal but has great quality.

Analogue Nt Gaming Console White

Check out this new Nintendo gaming console, made for all the fans of retro games.

Analogue Nt Hardware

Analogue Nt has the same hardware as the original one.

Analogue NT uses identical controller ports and is compatible with the original NES and Famicom accessories. Pixels are sharp and have a great level of clarity. You can get the HDMI Upgrade if you want to plug to any HD or SD television. Analogue NT gives high fidelity sound, free from noise and interference. It supports Mono and Stereophonic Sound, perfect for the authentic representation.

Analogue Nt and Super Mario Bros 3 Game

With Analogue NT, you can play more than 2,000 games with the top video and sound quality.

Analogue NT has four controller ports, because there’s nothing better than playing it with friends. You’ll be able to play more than 2,000 games out of the box. It’s a bit pricey, but will give you the ultimate high-quality gaming experience. [via]

Check this video to see the Analogue NT gameplay:

This video shows you the HDMI upgrade features.

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