An Abandoned WWII Bunker Transformed Into A Holiday House

Architects from B-ILD decided to transform the bunker that was used in World War II into a functional holiday house. Interesting to this story is the fact that at first, the renovated bunker served as a part of a marketing campaign for the office Famous. After two families won the price of using it as a retreat for a certain period of time, the company decided to open its doors permanently for accommodation.

The renovation was a big challenge since this Dutch bunker has only 11 square meters. Luckily, the architects took inspiration from ‘Le Cabanon’ by Le Corbusier and used minimal furnishings. All wooden elements are custom made and are very flexible. This means you can fold them and slide away to make more room.

the main bunker room

The main room has 9 square meters and serves both as a bedroom and living area.

What the smart design also allowed is for the items to serve a double function. The stool, for example, can be used as a bedside table. Also, the main room serves as a bedroom. This was necessary because the main room features measures 3 by 3 meters. Before entering the main room, there’s a tiny room that serves both as a kitchen and a storage.

a main room in the bunker with a dining table

The wooden furniture is compact and foldable. The room can fit four people and there’s a nice deck outside perfect for chilling.

As for the interior, the wood is nicely combined with the concrete, creating a contrast. Thanks to two bunk beds, the room can fit four people. On the outside, you’ll find a wooden deck perfect for sitting, eating and sunbathing, The funny thing is that the deck is the same size as the interior of the bunker which emphasizes the smart use of space. [via]

a bunker entrance

The entrance room features a small kitchen and storage shelves.

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