The Amazon Fire TV is a better version of the Apple TV we like so much. It offers more perks and certainly moves the boundaries in the industry so we can eagerly await responses from other companies. So let’s see what’s so great about the Amazon Fire TV.

First of all, it is just a small box-like product which should be connected to your HDTV. But the small package hides massive features such as 2GB of memory, dedicated GPU, 1080HD Video and Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 surround system all orchestrated by a powerful quad-core processor.

Once connected, the Amazon Fire TV gives you access to a variety of online entertainment. It includes numerous subscription services as well as streaming ones providing more than 200,000 movies and various TV episodes, video rentals for $0.99, sports, music, games and news all in one.

Just some of the services the Amazon Fire TV gives you are:

–       NetFlix

–       Amazon Instant Video

–       Hulu Plus

–       HuffPost Live

–       iHeart Radio

–       Vevo

–       TuneIn

–       NBA Game Time

–       Amazon Prime Instant Video

–       Now This News

–       Aol.On

–       Flixster

–       Minecraft

–       The Walking Dead

–       The Game of Life

–       Riptide GP 2

–       Asphalt Airborne 8

–       Sev Zero

–       Tastytrade

–       Frequency

–       Qello Concerts

–       Red Bull TV

–       Plex

–       Daily Burn

–       Watch ESPN

–       Pandora

–       Showtime Anytime

Amazon TV subscriptions

Aside from the fact that these are not the only services available, there are additional perks. For example, the Amazon Prime Instant Video offers you unlimited streaming of literally thousands of movies and shows and all this without commercials. With the Amazon Fire TV you get the Amazon Prime Instant Video 30-day trial for free.

Another great feature is voice search. All you need to do is speak into your remote and the software will instantly find the content you were looking for. Amazon feels very confident about this calling their voice search ‘the best you’ve ever used’ and saying that it is the ‘voice search that actually works’. We don’t think they will gamble their reputation by making false claims.

ASAP is another great option. It is an acronym for Advanced Streaming and Prediction service that has the astonishing feature of predicting what kind of content you would want and pre-buffers it for you. The prediction is based on your previously viewed content, so the more you use the Amazon Fire TV, the better is guesses. A great idea.

The setup is also very easy. Since Amazon Fire TV is pre-registered to your Amazon account all you need to do is connect it to your TV and the internet and you are ready. Really, that’s all.

The interface is also very intuitive and easy to use, while the remote uses Bluetooth connection that makes controlling a lot easier.

Amazon Fire TV dimensions

Now, we have already mentioned some video games that you can enjoy, so let’s see what the Amazon Fire TV has to offer to gamers. There are more than 100 games available at the moment and loads of others have been announced, so this service is no gimmick. For playing, you can use the remote, but there is also the Amazon Fire Game Controller available. It is a wireless controller that includes all the controls you would expect from a great game controller, so it is a must for gamers.

Amazon FreeTime, which is expected to appear soon, allows you to effectively limit screen time in a certain profile and thus limit the TV time your kids get, as well as particular content, while letting you enjoy it fully at any time through your own profile. Additionally, when the profile for children is on, the colors and fonts change design to suit them more and there are even more children-friendly features.

The Amazon Fire TV is certainly a game changer on the market, but having in mind that this is only the beginning, it is easy to assume that they will keep moving the boundaries in the future.

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