Amazon Echo | Easily The Most Exciting Product Of The Year (VIDEO)


Amazon Echo is a Bluetooth, smart home device with voice control that will make your life easier and a little bit more fun. It’s very similar to the famous Siri on the iPhone, or Cortana on Windows phones, but this smart speaker offers some new, exciting options along with elegant design for your home.

Amazon Echo has a cylindrical shape and its height is 9.25 inches and its width is 3.27 inches. This smart, Bluetooth speaker is painted in matte black and will fit well in every part of your home. Unfortunately, there is no white option, not yet at least.

Woman holding the Amazon Echo

The device is very small and it will fit perfectly anywhere in your home.

This device is very easy to use. You can control its options by voice command or you can use a remote that you’ll get with the speaker. Echo works through the app that you’ll have to download when you buy this product.

The name of the voice speaking to you is Alexa. Echo app is available for iOS devices and also for Android phones and tablets. On the top end of the Amazon Echo, you can find a volume ring, that turns in order to control the noise, but you can also adjust the volume with your own voice. On the very top of the device, you will notice two buttons. One is for turning the microphone on and off, and the other one is for enabling a multipurpose action button.

The very top of the Amazon Echo

The microphones will pick up your voice even if you are speaking across the room.

The upper perimeter will shine with a bright blue light when you turn the device on. This light circles around the area of seven microphones that are safely put inside upper part of the speaker. The light will shine near the microphone that is picking up your voice, so it will seem that this little robot is looking and speaking directly to you. This will enhance the human element in the Amazon Echo.

This amazing device will provide you with the newest information, music, weather and traffic updates, and basically everything you need to know. You’ll never have to use your hands, and you’ll be just one word away from everything you need from this smart device. Just say “Alexa” and this obedient little servant will follow every command of yours. 

Get it from Amazon here.

Lower part of the speaker

360 omni-directional audio will fill out your whole room with clear sound.

Watch the entertaining video about the Amazon Echo

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