Amazon Echo Look


If you haven’t heard of it yet, we’re glad to bring you up to date with this cool new gadget. The Amazon Echo Look is like Amazon’s Alexa that will help you look better- essentially it’s a hands-free camera and style assistant in one. So, what features does it have?

First of all, you can use it to make full-length photos just by using your voice. All you have to do is just say ‘Alexa, take a picture’ or ‘Alexa, make a video’. Thanks to its built-in LED light and depth-sensing camera, you’ll get a clean look and your outfit can be in the center of the attention. Alexa will get smarter by time and you can use a live view in the Echo Look app as well.

Amazon Echo Look in a closet

Amazon Echo Look is a hands-free camera that comes with a built-in LED light and depth-sensing camera and serves as a style assistant.

If you’re wondering why we said Amazon Echo Look will help you look better, it’s because of its 360-degree view of your outfit that allows you to make them pop. Also, the images can later be added to your lookbook in the app, where you can browse them.

looking at Amazon Echo Look

Thanks to a 360-degree view of your outfit, it can be just like a personal fashion assistant to you.

Another handy feature is the Style Check that thanks to an advanced machine learning algorithms and advice from fashion specialists helps you choose the best outfit. So, if you add two images, it will choose a better one depending on fit, color, styling, and current trends.

choosing outfits with Amazon Echo Look

It can also choose your best outfit.

Not to forget that you can use Alexa to ask standard questions, control other smart devices, set alarms, read news, access your documents and more. Echo Look has a small stand so you don’t need to search for the best position to take an image and stay still while doing so.

Get it from Amazon here.

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