Camping enthusiasts and keen explorers, rejoice! The world’s first ultra-portable and super-versatile whitewater craft by famous packraft manufacturer Alpacka Rafts has finally arrived to take your rafting adventure to a whole new level: with Alpackalypse, your river-bound adventures will certainly be as safe and as adrenaline-pumping as they get.

After six years of painstaking designing and building efforts, the Alpacka team has created their first whitewater adventure boat that can beat all world’s whitewaters with supreme ease and unmatched grace, and it can also store all your gear essentials internally thanks to its innovative Cargo-Fly system. The state-of-the-art packraft is surprisingly light and compact when rolled up (packed cylinder size totals 28 x 43 centimeters) for super-easy transport and convenient portability.  The complete list of Alpackalypse features includes super-robust 400-Denier Vectran® tubes fitted inside the urethane-coated fabric construction and topped by a reinforced floor, heavy-duty seat and spray skirt, back band, inflatable hip pads, knee cups and a foot brace for maximum safety and unprecedented durability.

Whitewater pack raft

The packraft’s revamped cargo system that lets you pack all your equipment and necessities in the low-volume tubes and it helps lower the boat’s center of gravity so that the 28-centimeter bow always stays 100% clear of unwanted gear clutter. On top of that, Alpackalypse has a special internal rigging with smaller than standard rafting tubes, allowing for extra room for the paddler and more defined boat side-edge. This translates as quicker acceleration, optimum fit and maximized responsiveness, control and maneuverability when conquering the most challenging of mean rapids and whitewaters, and it also makes for lower lateral stability which means that this robust craft is steerable quite similarly as a regular kayak.

Measuring 236 centimeters in length and 83.3 centimeters in width, Alpackalypse packraft weighs a slight 4.5 kilograms so before you start packing for your next backcountry adventure, consider getting yourself one of these – because whether you’re an amateur or skilled boater, whitewater rafting will never be easier and safer than it gets with the Alpackalypse.

Alpackalypse whitewater pack raft

Alpackalypse whitewater pack raft

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