Alone On The Wall | By Alex Honnold


You know those types of people that aren’t scared of heights and embark on crazy climbing adventures? We’re talking about that hardcore type of climbing without ropes or anything that can possibly save you from falling and dying. Alex Honnold is that person and Alone On The Wall is a book about a passion of his.

This thirty-year-old climber is very famous among other climbers because of his style and achievements. He lives in his van and travels to the parts of the world where he can enjoy in this extreme and dangerous passion. Just like we mentioned, free soloing is done without ropes, partners and protection hardware like pitons, nuts or cams.

Alex Honnold climbing

Alone On The Wall is a book about Alex Honnold’s crazy climbing achievements.

Probably the most frequent questions he gets asked all the time is “Aren’t you afraid you’re going to die?” and “Why do you do this?” This book will try to answer that and more questions. It ‘s co-written by David Roberts, who is also a climber. Together, the two write about Honnold’s seven most exciting achievements.

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