The Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag is a sleeping bag by Alite that easily differentiates from other sleeping bags on the market. It packs several features that we have seen nowhere else.

First of all, the main thing. The Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag features a special design that allows more than one bags to be connected into a single sleeping – or, shall we say, socializing – unit. This can greatly increase the warmth as well as fun of sleeping in the wild.

However, even when the bags are connected, your head and feet will have enough room due to the fact that you can still enjoy separate containers for these. In addition, this feature does not allow heat to escape from your feet and head.


So, this was great, but differentiating features do not end here. First of all, there is a center crotch zipper that enables you to separate your legs and walk while still inside the sleeping bag. This is further assisted by padded feet and built-in slippers. How many times have you resented the idea of getting out of your hot sleeping bag in order to visit the toilet, or grab a glass of water? With the Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag you no longer need to do this. Additional mobility is achieved using simple arm holes.

When unfolded the dimensions come to 32″ x 76″ and when folded 15” x 8.8” x 8.8” which, combined with the weight of 3.45 lbs can seriously hinder the bag’s backpacking functionality, so camping is definitely a better idea. Still, having in mind that you can enjoy those extra features we talked about, maybe the Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag is not all that heavy or bulky.[via]

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