Any liquor connoisseur will tell you that there’s much more to a shot than just a quick gulp of soothing spirits. And indeed, with Alexander Wang Shot Glass Kit, there most certainly is – with this stylish set of tiny glasses, any drink you squaff down will instill you with far more than a mere alcoholic streak.

Shot glasses are produced from 100% stainless steel and treated with a pale finish of pure gold, each of the 2.5×2.25″ Alexander Wang shot glasses is made to impress and not just serve. The set of four classy-looking shot glasses comes in a handsome black snakeskin-embossed carrying case (PVC on the outside and suede inside to prevent accidental scratches) fitted with a pale-gold zipper closure.

With such a remarkable eye-catching shot glass design, who cares about your drink of preference? You might well be drinking the cheapest and nastiest liquor out there, and you’ll still look like King Midas. Order your stunning set today, and show it around – the iconic Alexander Wang shot glass will certainly inspire reverence and admiration in everyone regardless of the quality of booze poured inside.

Alexander Wang shot glass kit

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