Airsoft Gear 101 – Everything That You Need To Start Playing Airsoft

Many of us remember the rush that paintball brought on; you could almost taste it on your tongue and could feel your adrenal glands being squeezed and then there was the glorious pain of getting shot. It was exhilarating! However, as time progressed, we hung up our paintball guns and, slowly but surely, the sport seemed to fade away, or did it? If you haven’t kept your eye on it, paintball never disappeared, it only evolved into a more sophisticated form, namely, Airsoft. Still the same rush but more difficult, elegant and refined. Welcome to the world of Airsoft and here you will find everything that you need to get yourself into the game. Check out videos below.


There are a variety of guns to choose from depending on your class (e.g. Sniper, Assault, Support) and also different firing mechanisms (e.g. CO2, Electric, Bolt Action) which depend on your personal preference. However, we selected some of the best airsoft guns out there and all you have to do is choose!

Sniper Rifles

BBTac L96 Bolt Action With Bipod And Scope

BBTac L96 Sniper Rifle on the ground

This sniper rifle has an effective range of 200-250 feet and a muzzle velocity of 460 – 500 fps.

As with almost all airsoft sniper rifles, the BBTac L96 is a 1:1 bolt action spring-powered sniper rifle with an effective range of 200 – 250 feet. With a .20g BB this rifle has a respectable muzzle velocity of 460 – 500 fps and even comes with a bipod and a full-size 3 – 9 x 40 Sniper scope. The magazine can take 25 rounds and the hop-up is adjustable. It weighs 10lbs and the rubber stock and cheek pad are adjustable. All-in-all, this is a very good sniper rifle for both the pro and the amateur while still being fairly cheap.

BUY – $157.49

WellFire VSR-10 Urban Combat Bolt Action Sniper

WellFire VSR-10

This sniper is modeled after the Remington M700 and has a muzzle velocity of up to 510 fps.

The WellFire VSR-10 is also a bolt action spring-powered sniper rifle that has been modeled after the Remington M700. It features both a M700 style trigger and stock, and has a muzzle velocity of 480 – 510fps for a .20g BB. This rifle also comes pre-equipped with a bipod and a 3 – 9 x 40 sniper scope. It also has an effective range upwards of 240 feet, an adjustable hop-up and a magazine capacity of 30 rounds.

BUY – $173.89

*Pro Tip: When using sniper rifles, you should always use BB’s that weigh at least .20g and upwards. Going any lower drastically reduces your distance and accuracy. Check with your local airsoft game laws first though since some have restrictions on BB weight and FPS. Also, the “Hop-up” is a feature that puts backspin on the bullet and increases both distance and accuracy if set right. Practice with your rifle first and adjust your hop-up to find the amount of spin that works the best for you.

Machine Guns

The first and most obvious difference between snipers and machine gunners is that the muzzle velocity and range are drastically reduced but this also means that the machine guns are much better at close quarter combat. They also tend to be much cheaper than sniper rifles.

BBTac M82 Full Auto Electric Rifle

BBTac M82 electric machine gun

This machine gun comes with a tactical flashlight and a red dot scope included.

The Double Eagle M82 by BBTac is a full auto battery powered machine gun that is an exact replica of the SIG 552. This particular rifle comes with an adjustable red dot sight, a tactical flashlight and has a muzzle velocity of 200 fps and fires .12g BB’s. It also features select fire modes – safety, semi-auto and full-auto – and features a 40 round magazine. The stock is foldable for maneuverability and the motor is powered by a 7.2V Ni-Cad rechargeable battery.

BUY – $59.99

Soft Air Tactical AK47

Soft Air Kalashnikov AK47 100th Anniversary edition

This machine gun can fire 600 rounds per minute and comes with Picatinny rails for attachments.

This version of the AK47 by Soft Air has a fairly impressive muzzle velocity for a machine gun at 330 – 380 fps with a range of 66 yards with a .20g BB. It also has a massive magazine size of 550 rounds and can fire 600 rounds per minute. The stock is foldable and it comes pre-equipped with Picatinny tactical rails for customization (e.g. Red dot, scope, flashlight, laser sight etc.). This particular rifle is also completely metal, features an adjustable hop-up and is powered with a 8.4V rechargeable battery.

BUY – $132.58


There’s nothing worse than facing off with an enemy and your clip runs out and you have no backup. That is exactly why a pistol is an essential.

Colt 1911 Semi-Auto CO2 Pistol

Colt 1911 Airsoft

This pistol works with CO2 gas and features a blowback reload system that has a realistic recoil.

This pistol is an exact replica of the Colt 1911 9mm pistol. It uses CO2 to fire the BB’s and even has a blowback reload system that gives it a lifelike recoil. It has a very respectable 344fps muzzle velocity with .20g BB’s and is a complete metal construction for durability. It also has an adjustable hop-up for accurate shooting.

BUY – $92.99

Desert Eagle Full Auto Pistol

Desert Eagle airsoft pistol being held outside

This pistol is an exact full-size replica of a Desert Eagle and has both semi-auto and full-auto firing selection.

In true fashion of the Desert Eagle, this is a surprisingly powerful pistol with a muzzle velocity of 394 fps with a .12g BB but it can also fire .20g BB’s. It’s a full scale complete metal replica of the Desert Eagle and can be set between semi-auto and full-auto firing modes with a realistic blowback reload mechanism. This pistol also uses CO2 and has a magazine capacity of 21 rounds.

BUY – $118.89

Gun Extras

MetalTac Speed Loader 100 BB’s

MetalTac Speedloader by itself

This speed loader allows you load a magazine with 100 bullets in seconds.

Whilst in the middle of a battle, being able to reload your weapon efficiently and quickly is a must. That’s why this speed loader is perfect. It carries 100 BB’s and to reload, you simply place over the end of your magazine and push down on the lever to reload your mag in record time.

BUY – $0.61

Cosman 5000 .20g BB’s

Cosman .20g BB's by itself

These .20g BB’s are a good weight to start out with and compatible with almost all guns.

Obviously you’re going to need BB’s and this is a good selection to start with but there are many pros and cons for different BB weights.

BUY – $10.97

Power Up Kits

A power up kit for a sniper rifle

This power up kit for a type L96 sniper rifle can boost muzzle velocity by 20%.

If you feel that your sniper needs a bit more kick, you can always purchase a customized power up kit that is fairly inexpensive and pretty simple to install. This power up kit for the L96 type sniper is constructed completely out of stainless steel and can give your rifle up to a 20% power increase with estimation between 500 – 550fps.

BUY – $24.24


No matter where you are, airsoft game laws state that you need to wear eye protection. Some require full-face masks and others accept goggles but we can all agree that getting shot in the eye with a BB traveling at 500 fps is no laughing matter. So, we went out and selected the best masks that are not only functional but look awesome as well while instilling fear into your enemies.

Coxeer Tactical Urban Mask

Men wearing the Coxeer Urban masks.

Masks like this one instill fear just as much as they protect your face.

This mask by Coxeer is constructed from Thermoplastic Polyurethane and can handle BB’s at over 700fps. It also has rubber padding on the forehead and cheeks for added comfort and it has three bands that strap the mask securely to your head. For eye protection, this mask has built-in steel mesh. The design of the mask was inspired by thoughts of a post-apocalyptic world and it truly is distinctive. You can purchase it in a variety of designs.

BUY – $23.51

Camtoa Overhead Skull Mask

Camtoa Overhead Mask with white background

This mask offers excellent breathability and looks awesome.

This mask is constructed out of Plastic ABS and polymer composites that give it extreme durability and protection. It can be used for paintball as well as for airsoft. The lower half of the mask was designed to give you excellent breathability and to protect your eyes, this mask features built-in steel mesh. You can purchase this mask in a variety of colors.

BUY – $15.39

Phoenix Japanese Samurai Mask

Phoenix Japanese Samurai Mask with white background

This mask was inspired by the demons in Japanese folklore.

Apart from looking like a demon from Japanese folklore, this mask is constructed out of durable and superlight shock-proof PVC that is environmentally friendly and has no smell. It is a one-size fits all and has an adjustable belt for a comfortable fit. For added comfort, the inside is padded with foam. The mouth has a slit added for breathability and your eyes are protected with built-in steel mesh.

BUY – $22.99


Whether you are a sniper or functioning as CQB assault, you’re going to need some clothing for the role. They not only help to soften the blow (even though it still hurts) but are functional as well.

Outerdo Ghillie Suit

Outerdo Ghillie Suit with a white background

The 3D leaves of this suit ensure that you don’t get snagged on twigs and leaves.

Ghillie suits are a must if you are a sniper, they can effectively make you completely invisible to the enemy in the right terrain. This version by Outerdo is specifically made for woodland terrain and features 3D leaves that ensure that you don’t get snagged on sticks and twigs. The trousers are elasticized for a comfortable fit and the jacket features poppers for ease.

BUY – $34.99

Arcturus Ghost Ghillie Suit

Arcturus Ghillie suit being used outside

The Ghost Ghillie suit renders you almost completely invisible to the enemy.

The ghost ghillie suit can be purchased in two different variants – dry grass and woodland – and effectively make you completely invisible to the enemy. All the thread is double stitched to resist shedding and the woodland camo is based on a 7 color blend to increase camouflage. You can use it for airsoft, paintball or even hunting.

BUY – $79.99+

Tactical Camo

YOUR Gallery tactical camo suits against white background

These tactical camo suits are perfect for assault class warriors.

This tactical camo suit is perfect for the assault class warrior and can be purchased in a variety of colors to suit your environment. It’s constructed out of 35% cotton and 65% polyester for comfort and the jacket features a zipper and Velcro neck closure. It’s breathable and comfortable.

BUY – $49


Even though you can generally play without hand protection, it is still better to have some since there is no pain like getting shot on the tip of your finger.

Reebow Military Tactical Gloves

Reebow Gear Military Hard Knuckle glove on someones hand

These military spec gloves feature a hard knuckle construction that protects your hands.

These gloves are constructed from micro fiber which ensures both breathability and comfort as well as flexibility and durability. The hard knuckle construction also protects your knuckles from substantial knocks and bumps. These gloves also feature a reinforced palm that protects your hands from impacts and abrasions. You can purchase them in 3 different colors.

BUY – $10.49+

Valken V-Tac Full Finger Gloves

Valken V-Tac gloves against white background

These gloves by Valken are designed to protect the entire back side as well as the palm of your hand.

If you were looking for something with a bit more protection, then the Valken V-Tac gloves are definitely the way to go. These gloves offer a thick plastic full back covering that not only protects your entire hand from impacts and abrasions but also offer flexibility and durability. The palm also features an abrasion resistant pad and you can purchase it in 3 colors.

BUY – $9.63+

Vbiger Military Half-Finger Gloves

Vbiger Military spec half finger gloves

These gloves protect your hands and still allows you to retain the sensitivity of your trigger fingers.

We all know that sometimes, even though they offer more protection, that full finger gloves can be a problem in regards to pulling on the trigger. That’s why we selected these half-finger gloves by Vbiger. These gloves are constructed from nylon and high quality leather that ensures maximum performance and yet, dexterity so that you can use your fingers efficiently. You can purchase these gloves in 6 different colors.

BUY – $10.49+


Considering that all airsoft battles are fought in a variety of different terrains such as urban, forest, woodland etc. it is imperative that you have proper protection for your feet that can handle any terrain that you might find yourself in. Selected for style, comfort and protection, these are some of the best boots that we could find.

5.11 Atac Military Style Boots

5.11 Military boots on white background

These boots feature a side zipper that allows you to remove and put on the boot without loosening the laces.

These boots by 5.11 constructed out of both leather and fabric for extreme durability and features a synthetic sole. The insole is cushioned for comfort and the entire boot features a shock mitigation system that protects your ankles in the event of a jump or fall. A side YKK zipper function allows you to remove the boot with ease without the need to loosen the laces. You can purchase these boots in Coyote Brown and Black colors.

BUY – $78.90+

Maelstrom Landship Tactical Boots

Maelstrom Landship Tactical boots on white background

These tactical boots feature a moisture wicking liner that keeps your feet dry.

These boots are also constructed from leather and fabric. The leather is polishable and the upper features an extremely breathable mesh with a moisture wicking lining. The sole is made from a non-slip rubber and the inner features high-performance shock absorbent cushion that ensures the ultimate comfort for all day performance. These boots also offer a side-zipper for ease of access. You can purchase these boots in tan and black colors.

BUY – $59.95

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