AirBar | Turn Any Computer Screen Into A Touch Screen


Touch screen phones, tablets and all manner of other gadgets have taken over the world but computers have stayed pretty much the same. Sure, they have their purpose but let’s face it, they’re bland. But now, with the AirBar, all of that is about to change.

The AirBar, simply put, is a device that clips onto any Windows laptop screen and turns it into a touch screen. Pretty impressive, right? But how it does this is even cooler.

The AirBar being used with a brush

By using an invisible light field that registers disturbances as gestures, the AirBar can be used with hands, gloves and even brushes. This makes it perfect for graphic artists.

The AirBar utilizes Neonode’s zForce AIR technology that literally projects an invisible light field over your screen. When your fingers interact with the screen, it causes a disturbance in the light field which is then registered as a gesture. This technology is so advanced that it even has multiple Windows gesture recognition such as pinch, swipe, zoom and scroll away.

AirBar being stuck onto screen

Installation is as simple as sticking it to your screen via the built-in magnetic strip and plugging it into your USB port.

Installing it is a breeze as well since you simply stick the bar to your screen via the built-in magnetic strip, plug it into an available USB port and you’re ready to go. Because this technology uses a light field, it removes the need for actual conduction via finger tips; this means that it will work with finger, gloves and even brushes (perfect for Photoshop painting). Check out the video below.

Since the field is invisible, there’s absolutely no glare nor does it drain your battery. At the moment, the AirBar is only available for preorder but should be shipping within the next couple of months. You can order the AirBar in 4 different sizes – 11.6”, 13.3”, 14” and 15.6”.

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