How many different versions of a plain old bookshelf can one design?! Just when we thought there was very little left to invent, design differently or create in the bookshelf world, along came Augusta and Gustav from a Danish design studio Old and Cold with their vintage looking bookshelf / rack / nightstand.

Their handmade rack has 12 pins which also double as bookmarks. The pins are removable so you can customize the rack to your liking. The books rest on a small wooden plate so the pages don’t get bent or damaged. The plate itself can be moved back and forth so that you can adjust the height at which the books hang.

The string that the books hang from is made of waxed cotton, and it comes in three colours – dark brown, beige and red. The 12-pin-version of Agustav book rack is 70cm (27.5″) long, 4cm (1.5″) high, and 2cm (0.8″) deep.

Books hanging and organized with the Agustav Bookshelf from Augusta and Gustav

There are several variations of this bookshelf / book rack / nightstand. One of them, which is used both as a nightstand and a shelf, has 3 bookpins / bookmarks, one regular pin, and a small shelf for your personal possessions, while the other model has 6 pins/bookmarks.

And don’t worry about your books getting damaged from hanging off the rack… The users report no visible signs of wear & tear from using this book storage method.

The materials used for Agustav bookshelves are Oak, Wenge, Walnut, Beech and Mahagony. Also, Old and Cold will customize the shelf to your liking. You can add more pins to it, or order the back piece in different length.

Agustav Bookshelf from Augusta and Gustav

Bookmark of the Agustav Bookshelf from Augusta and Gustav

Agustav Bookshelf from Augusta and Gustav 1

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