How Jarre Technologies came up with the idea of connecting a bulldog with great audio features is beyond me, but the result of this unlikely mixture –named the AEROBULL – is actually a pretty interesting speaker and piece of art.It is basically a stunningly capable Bluetooth speaker shaped as a bulldog and available in three different colors – glossy red, glossy white and matt black. Oh, yes, and the bulldog is wearing sunglasses. The AeroBull is made of chrome plated ABS and the finish looks just beautiful.

Even though the AeroBull might seem like a joke, inside there is a respectable technology which provides high definition sound quality. The AeroBull speaker is compatible with iPod, iPhone and basically anything with the lightning connector. Also, you can opt to source your music from other devices via a 3.5mm line in. If this isn’t enough for you, there is also wireless connectivity via Bluetooth, or NFC. The formats supported include MP3, AAC, protected AAC, WMA and WAV.

Aerobull designer speakers

The AeroBull has the frequency range of 50Hz to 20,000Hz, a 5.25in bass drive and two 2.25in satellites and it provides respectable 100W of total power.

Is the price of $1,400 justified? It is a deadly serious bulldog wearing sunglasses and juggling your iPhone on top of its head while blasting out your favorite tunes in high definition. Of course it’s justified.

Aerobull bluetooth speakers

Speakers shaped like a bulldog

Aerobull bluetooth speaker

Designer bluetooth speaker

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