Why walk or drive when you can actually fly? Well, now you really can do that, with the futuristic Aero-X hover bike recently announced by California-based Aerofex. Unlike any other vehicle currently available on the innovative transportation market, the Aero-X is a hovercraft that lifts you off the ground to take you from place A to place B relatively quickly – and it’s super-easy to ride, too.

Easily adaptable to a wide variety of recreational as well as professional uses such as geo-surveys, search and rescue missions, border patrols, disaster relief, aerial agricultural inspections and herding management, the Aero-X is designed to make low-altitude flights up to 10 feet (some 3 meters) above the surface level at 45 miles per hour (72 km/h). The vehicle features four-wheel gear with castoring aft wheels and two fixed-pitch carbon fiber propellers fitted to the front and the back which allow it to hover above ground. It runs on automotive gasoline and can reportedly take off and land vertically with no need for runways or additional forward speed.

Aero-X hoverbike

The Aero-X has an intuitive pilot interface and it’s equipped with dual-position control bars. Measuring some 4.5 meters (14.8 ft) in length, 2.1 meters (6.8 ft) in width and 1.25 meters (4.1ft) in height, the hover bike weighs some 356 kg (785 lb), but is still surprisingly easy to operate – according to the company, you can learn how to fly it safely in just two days of training. Designed primarily as a sport and utility vehicle, the Aero-X is said to be as maneuverable as a bike because it responds to the movements of your body just like a motorcycle: you can navigate your ride and change the course by shifting your weight to the side and using the handlebar control grips found at knee level. The two-seater hover bike is designed to carry up to 140 kg (310 lb) of weight over any type of surface and it should run for some 75 minutes on a full tank.

Equipment-wise, the Aero-X prototype packs some useful gadgetry such as a tachometer with indicator lights, as well as mounting, USB and power provisions for auxiliary equipment, and the final production model will be fitted with a roll bar and a powertrain monitoring system for extra safety. Additional features should also be available soon upon the Aero-X release, such as full-vehicle airbags, optional flotation pontoon kit for water operations or even transport trailers approved by the Department of Transport.

The first delivery date has been announced for 2017 so make sure you order your first Aero-X hovercraft on time. watch video below

Aero-X hoverbike

Aero-X hoverbike

Aero-X hoverbike test flight

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